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NURER2018 reservation service to Ramada Plaza Jeju and Ocean suties Jeju hotel will be closed in Friday (September 21th 2018).

Ramada plaza hotel

NURER 2018 international conference will be held in the Ramada hotel which is located near Jeju international airport

Room type Mountain View Ocean View
Room Rate(KRW) 160,000 KRW 180,000 KRW

Reservation Form Download - Ramada hotel

Ocean suites Jeju hotel

This hotel is located 10 minutes away by walking (500 meter distance) from the Ramada plaza hotel

Room type Standard twin ocean Two room family mountain
Room Rate(KRW) 100,000 KRW 100,000 KRW

Reservation Form Download - Ocean suites hotel

Other hotels near Ramada hotel

We also provide the other hotel information near the Ramada plaza hotel where NURER 2018 will be held.

Star Hotel Room Type *Room Rate
(U.S dollar)
Occupancy regulations Distance
from Ramada
★★★☆ Hotel regent marine
(호텔 리젠트 마린)
Standard $157.25 2 862m
(13 min)
City view $170.62 2
Whistle lark hotel
(휘슬락 호텔)
Deluxe twin $65.45 2 967m
(15 min)
★★★ Jeju stay hotel of jeju city
(제주스테이 호텔 오브 제주 시티)
Standard twin $35.68 2 623m
(9 min)
★★☆ Check Inn hotel Jeju
(체크인호텔 제주)
Standard twin $60.77 2 930m
(14 min)
Jeju seoul tourist hotel
Standard twin $46.75 2 603m
(9 min)

* Room rate based on April