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Keynote Speakers
“The Vital Roles of Both Renewable and Nuclear Energy in Achieving Meaningful Decarbonization”
Dr. Pete Lyons
Former Principal Assistant Secretary of the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) at DOE, USA
“IAEA Activities as Drivers for Innovations and International Developments of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems”
Dr. Dohee Hahn
Director, Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA
Plenary Speakers
“Smart Energy Industry Development Strategy of Korea - Leading the Blue Ocean Shift”
Prof. Chinho Park
Managing Director of Energy Industry Office of Strategic R&D Planning, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energ,ROK
“Nuclear & Renewable Visions for Saudi Arabia (TBD)”
Dr. Maher Alodan
King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energy, Saudi Arabia
“Renewable Energy Outlook and Prospects in China”
Prof. Ruzhu Wang
Shanghai Jia Tong University, China
“Status of Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems and Lead-based Reactor Development in China”
Prof. Yican Wu
Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, China
“Overview of Korea Fusion Energy Development”
Dr. Suk Jae Yoo
National Fusion Research Institute, ROK
“Solving a dilemma of Nuclear Power, Environment and Public Acceptance”
Prof. Waclaw Gudowski
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
“New Dimensions and Directions in Nuclear and Renewable Energy Research”
Prof. Ibrahim Dincer
University of Ontario, Canada
“ R&D Activities for Nuclear-Renewable Synergy in USA”
Dr. Shannon M. Bragg-Sitton
Idaho National Laboratory, USA
“Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms in Precautionary Action Zone (TBD)”
Dr. Seokwoo Kim
Korea Institute of Energy Research, ROK
“Prospects of Nuclear and Renewable Developments in UK”
Prof. William Nuttall
The Open University, UK
“Strategic Plans for Nuclear-Renewable Development in KHNP (TBD)”
Mr. Baek Sik, Noh
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, ROK
“Gen IV Nuclear System and Renewable Energy”
Dr. Won-Seok Park
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, ROK