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  • Minimum number of participants for each tour is 10, and tour may be cancelled with notice if number of participants are less than 10.
  • Reservation will be started from Sept.01. (up to maximum 40 participants)
  • Cancellation must be made by Sept. 30

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Wind Farm & ESS Facility
Technical Tour – Wind Farm & ESS Facility
Date/Time Oct. 02 (Tue) / 16:00 ~ 18:30
Itinerary Meet at venue – Wind Farm – ESS Facility – Back to venue
Dongbok∙Bukchon Wind Farm is the largest wind power complex in Jeju, consist of 15 individual wind turbines with a total power capacity of 30MW electricity. The wind Farm started its operation in August 2015 and has supplied a major portion of the wind power in Jeju.  Participants can look around the vast wind farm on a bus, and debriefed on the overall power system configuration in the control center.

ESS Facility is a critical component of the wind power system due to the inconsistent energy production. The generated electricity is converted into DC power, stored in the ESS battery system, and provided when the wind power is absent. Participants are allowed to check the AC-DC converting system and the battery system.