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Dear Colleagues and Participants,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to the6th international conference on NUclear and Renewable Energy Resources (NURER2018). The NURER2018 conference is organized by the Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) in collaboration with Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) and the IAEA.

Given the realization that global climate change may be the gravest threat to the sustainability of human society, use of carbon-free energy technology is becoming ever more important. Nuclear and renewable energy are two energy technologies with no direct carbon emissions. These technologies also help to contribute to enhancing energy security of a user country. At the same time, these technologies both face various challenges in terms of future development and implementation. This conference is to address these challenges and to explore futuristic ways to enhance the use of nuclear and renewable energy technologies. New innovative ways will be explored including the synergistic ways of integrating the two technologies. We appreciate your contribution and participation in this global effort NURER2018 in Jeju.

NURER2018 will be held in the beautiful Jejuisland, which is a popular holiday destination in Korea and contains a natural World Heritage Site. We do hope that all of you can enjoy both the technical forum and the unparalleled beauty of the nature in the Jejuisland.

Best regards,

General Chair of NURER2018
Prof. Man-Sung Yim
Department of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology